Heather Roth


My mission is to use a holistic design process to create beautiful visual solutions, inspiring and empowering people to live a joyful life.

I start all projects, whether in visual design, art making, or project building, by focusing on the people involved and intention of the work. My engagement and curiosity then helps me see interesting connections between people and ideas. Using a design process that is founded in understanding people and context provides the power to effectively communicate ideas, inspire action, and improve our world. 

Explaining why a design solution works is difficult. There is no one and perfect answer. Instead, there is an appreciation of how the beauty and simplicity of work creates a powerful response and understanding of a concept. 

Please contact me for questions about my work, or how I might be able to partner with you. 

Check out my other project, Pattern-Method.  Pattern-Method is a community that uses pattern to support everyday creativity.  Our passion is to explore the relationship between our emotional response to the world and the patterns that surround us. Together, we can begin to see pattern in everyday things and gain creative confidence by incorporating pattern into our lives!