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As a creative, curious soul, my journey started with a love of learning and making. Pharmacy held a unique opportunity to learn the beautiful knowledge of medications and how they affect the human body. There was no end to the information to learn and understand, and that kept me going. Eventually, though, I felt there was something missing. I started focusing my energy on processes (efficiencies, quality), education (patient, colleagues), and innovation (collaboration, new programs). But, still --- no.

There was no specific moment I can point to when I realized I could not be satisfied by curiosity in pharmacy alone. Graphic design was one of my childhood desires (along with opening my own book store), and I took the jump and went back to college. I planned to dive deeply into making, using color, typography, and layout, and leave pharmacy, never looking back. Instead, I discovered the beauty of the design process. 


The design process. It helped me find the language and skill to further improve processes, education, and innovation in my pharmacy career. I kept following my curiosity and my creative passion to find design thinking, experience design, service design. I discovered a brand new world where everything fit together, and the possibilities were endless. 

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